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Rue Saint-Catherine: photo description (Rue Sainte-Catherine)

The main sights of Saint Catherine street in Bordeaux - it's boutiques and shops, there is a total of approximately two hundred. The street is about a kilometer and a quarter. In other words, the density of outlets is extremely high.

In addition, we should mention a very convenient location street: Sainte-Catherine between the two Central city square - the Victory and Comedy. On the square the Comedy is the Grand Theatre and the Victory square obelisk to the glory of wine, the University and the Aquitaine gate, to which the street leads.

Rue Saint-Catherine has long been considered a trade, in the 70-ies of the last century it was made a pedestrian. Apart from shops, street features and historic sites. At the intersection with a street located place Saint-Put it where you can see the Gothic cross marking the site of an old cemetery that was located on this place. The hotel is close to Church of St. Simeon the XIV century, which is now used as a cinema.

It is known that the name of the street came through the chapel, which in the XI century was built by the knights of Malta. The chapel was later abandoned and gradually destroyed, and by the nineteenth century, she is not gone. It is also known that Saint Catherine in the Middle ages conducted a lively trade of meat and flour, while the butchers street was a kind of "reservation", in other places they were forbidden to trade. In the first half of the nineteenth century in that part of the street, which is closer to the comédie, have been built indoor shopping arcade Galeries Bordelais", whose owners were wealthy Mexicans-immigrants.

In the beginning of this century the street was renovated and improved by the project of Jean-Michel Wilmotte. This architect also known for his design of the interiors for the musée d'orsay and the modern image of the Champs Elysees, his work can be seen in other countries. In Russia, he developed the concept of reconstruction of the Moscow factory "Red October" and implemented several projects in other cities.