/ / Street murals: photos, description (Murs peints)

Street murals: photos, description (Murs peints)

Street murals - unexpected, but cute attraction in Cannes.

It all started in 2002, when city officials decided to decorate firewalls (blind, windowless walls of houses). The universal approval of the idea to create a mural, United by one theme - the cinema, as in the minds of most people, Cannes is primarily associated with the festival.

In 2004 was prepared the first four murals. Worked on them artists from different firms specializing in such work. Now the frescoes for fifteen.

One of the first, most well known, is written on motives of the Cannes film festival, is located at the foot of the hill of Le Suquet, the square Root of Bertrand-Gentile. If a tourist goes to the hill on his way to visit the murals. Bright, elegant, raspberry and turquoise colours, it takes the wall of a four-storey building. The house is a bus dispatch station, and is depicted in the mural of famous actors and Directors look at a square full of buses. Actors in the images of his most famous characters pop out of Windows and standing on balconies, and tourists downstairs happily try to identify it. The easiest way to learn Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand from the film "let's make love", Kate Winsle and Leonardo DiCaprio from the Titanic, cartoon Minnie, Mickey and Roger Rabbit.

Unprepared passers-by, looking at the mural, often think that only the characters are drawn and all the Windows and balconies are real. In fact, these Windows there's only four, everything else is a classic trick, used for centuries method of volumetric image.

In the same style written mural on the house number 7 on the street half - to give the viewer an impression that he is facing the prospect of a sun-drenched promenade: join the actors read the statements. Right there in the chair sits the Director, the assistant, and the viewer is standing behind them.

From popular images - Philip Gerard in the role of Fanfan-Tulip (Boulevard Victor Tuby, 3), Charlie Chaplin (Boulevard Vallombrosa, 10) and, of course, a huge portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the house number 16 along the Boulevard Alsace. Its Creator, the artist Patrick Commece considers this work the most difficult in his career - because of size: only one mouth of Marilyn Monroe is about four meters wide. To eyes were narrowed, Commece, painting them, spent several hours in the woods, while his colleagues, is at the bottom, and gave him instructions over the phone.

The rest of the murals can be viewed on the space of Le Suquet, Gard and June 18, Boulevard Victor Tuby, 29, Rue Louis Braille, 9, Avenue Francis tonner, Boulevard de La République.