/ / Estate Fransson: photos, description Chateau de Francon)

Estate Fransson: photos, description Chateau de Francon)

Estate Fransson located in the picturesque area of the famous French resort of Biarritz, southern France, Aquitaine region.

Like many other villas and estates of Biarritz, this building was built during mass building, when this small and unknown fishing village turned into a fashionable luxury resort. Rich hotel not to stay in hotels, he built himself a small summer cottages and villas. Estate Fransson is just one of those villas. It belonged to John Pennington, the Mellor, the owner. Construction was completed in 1880.

This is quite an impressive architectural ensemble, in addition to the main building on the HOMESTEAD area is home to several graceful pavilions, and fligelman, and also hosts the stables, buildings for the gatekeeper and other outbuildings. The property has a elegant Park.

The mansion features beautiful appearance - it consists of two interconnected a typical Swiss Chalet, surrounded by a wooden balcony. Behind them are two elegant towers, one of them noticeably larger than the other in size.

It is also worth noting the interior of the building. For example, on the first floor all the ceilings - coffered and wood, and in spaces on the upper floors, especially in the main dining room, the ceilings are beautifully painted. The room walls are either decorated with elegant stucco work, or upholstered in Burgundy Wallpaper with ornament.

Currently, the estate Fransson is used for banquets and conferences, but also here is a budget hotel where backpackers offers a restaurant serving local cuisine and an outdoor pool.