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Lantern tower: photos, description Tour de la Lanterne)

In the Old port of La Rochelle remains of the medieval city fortifications - three watchtowers, one of which served as a prison. The largest of them, although not the highest is the tower Saint-Nicolas, its height is 42 meters. Chain tower is one of two guarding the entrance of the port towers, between them was prosrochena a chain which was stretched in order to block access to enemy ships. Both of these towers was built in the XIV century, but one of them survived.

The chain tower was connected by the city wall with one fastening structure - a tower, lantern or Lamp. Its height more than 70 meters, the tower body is round and its tip was built in the form of a pointed spire. From one tower to another could go on a special course that is laid at the city wall.

Tower lantern has another name which stuck her in the XIX century. In the building of this tower he served the punishment of pirates who speak different languages, criminals, convicted by a military Tribunal. The most famous of its prisoners in the first half of the nineteenth century were four young officers from the anti-monarchist views. During the reformation they created in La Rochelle the cell of the Carbonari and was accused of plotting a coup. In 1822, before you send young conspirators to death, they were kept in the tower of the lantern. Officers were guillotined, but the popular rumor was aromatizable their death and presented as freedom fighters. Mention of the fate of the four sergeants can be found in the books of Honore de Balzac.

Modern tourists can climb the lantern tower and explore the rooms in which prisoners languished. On the walls of the casemates are still preserved graffiti of the prisoners who were held here in the XVI-XIX centuries.