/ / Fountain of Moliere: photos, description (Fontaine Moliere)

Fountain of Moliere: photos, description (Fontaine Moliere)

Fountain of Moliere is not a full fountain, and a monument to the great playwright. He stands on the corner of Moliere, and Richelieu, not far from the comédie-française, where the Comedy played and for which he wrote, and in front of the house where he lived and died. Moliere became ill on stage during a performance of "the Imaginary invalid" in which he played argan. Of the Comedie Francaise brought him here, in the fortieth house Richelieu street, where he died in a few hours.

The fountain is huge - six and a half feet wide, and sixteen in height, the size of a house, the end of which it closes. Put it in 1844, at the insistence of Joseph régnier, a member of the Association of actors of the comédie française, when place in a small square opened up. There going to put a fountain with some kind of allegorical figure, but Rainier wrote a letter to the prefect of the Seine, with a proposal to perpetuate the memory of Moliere, collecting the funds by national subscription. Did, and it was the first time in France that people gave money for a monument to a civilian. The monument was designed by architect Louis Visconti (among his other famous projects - Napoleon's tomb and the fountain Saint-Sulpice). Engraver françois Augustin, Konw executed a medal on the opening of the fountain, a copy of which is kept in the Carnavalet Museum.

The monument was a spectacular and elegant. In a portico under an imposing arch of four Corinthian columns sitting bronze Moliere works of Bernard Gabriel Serra. Black statue contrasts sharply with the white marble pedestal, both sides of which are female figures created by sculptor Jean-Jacques Pradier. At the right hand of Moliere - a Serious Comedy on the left - a Light Comedy; both look at the playwright and are holding scrolls with the transfer malerovskih plays. At the bottom of the pedestal - three macaroons in the shape of lion heads, mouths water flows in a shallow and not immediately visible to the pool.

Moliere sits - is clearly at work, but perhaps there is a hint of the circumstances of the death: when he became ill on stage, he was in the chair (it is still solemnly kept in the theatre). Sitting heavily, hard, coat unbuttoned, the face thoughtfully. With the height of the fountain Moliere is just like looking at your house and commemorative plaque on the wall.