/ / Fontaine Saint-Michel: photo, description Fontaine Saint-Michel)

Fontaine Saint-Michel: photo, description Fontaine Saint-Michel)

The Saint-Michel fountain is a favorite meeting place for Parisians. This monumental structure with a width of 15 meters and a height of 26, the size of a six-story house, the wall of which adjoins a fountain. And the fountain, and the square on which it stands, and the Boulevard and promenade, and close to the bridge named after the Archangel Michael, the winner of the devil.

In revelation John says Michael and the angels cast from heaven to earth of the dragon, called the devil. Two powerful male figures in the Central niche of the fountain similar to a triumphal arch, just the Archangel and the devil trampled them. Satan is not depicted as a dragon, and in the human body. He looks completely demonic and vicious, beautiful, with horns, to face a fierce grimace defeated. Beautiful Michael with a fiery sword in his right hand victory gesture raises up on the left.

The fountain is saturated with details: four Corinthian columns, and above them four sculptures of Prudence, Strength, Justice and Temperance, on the sides of the fountain with the dragons spouting water at the top of the shield of Paris, which hold the Power and Moderation. As well as bas-reliefs, floral designs, cherubs, lion's muzzle, the dragon. Under this arch of yellow, column pink, the rock under the devil blue-green, bronze statues.

Gabriel Davy that built the fountain in 1860, criticized mercilessly. And polychromes, and that all the decorations and statues created by various sculptors (Michael and the devil - the works of Francis-Joseph Dure), and for the fact that the fountain on the side and not in the middle of the square. In the last Davy was not to blame. To build the fountain instructed him the great reformer of Paris, Baron Haussmann, and the idea was in this - not just to decorate formed after the emergence of a new Boulevard, plenty of space, but to close the blank wall of the house, overlooking the square. The architect of the Prefecture, Davy was responsible not only for the fountain, but behind the facades of the buildings on the square.

The initial project involved the placement in the niche statues in the World, then the statue of Napoleon Bonaparte, but it caused the resistance of the opponents of the reigning Napoleon III. The offer of Davy to make the Central figure of the Archangel Michael gave all. This decision seemed to be purely political. However, with him on the place Saint-Michel for the past half-century, artsy, colorful, familiar fountain of the Archangel Michael tramples the devil, reminding the world that Evil will lose.