/ / Fountain of the elephants: photos, description (Fontaine des elephants)

Fountain of the elephants: photos, description (Fontaine des elephants)

The inhabitants of Chambery - surely gay people. They set up in your town on one of the main squares, the fountain, dedicated not to the king, not the hero of some war and not a famous scientist, a famous adventurer. The fountain itself looks quite monumental, but the people sculpture called "four no backsides" - because each of the four sides of the obelisk looks exactly pollona. Animals are made very realistic, but only half.

Count Benoit de Boing, who dedicated a monument, was born in the middle of the eighteenth century and died in 1830. Eight years later, the citizens erected a monument to him for the fact that the count has generously donated funds for the improvement of Chambery. Benoit de Boine was born in the family of a shopkeeper and led a poor life until I decided to look for good luck on the battlefields of the Russo-Turkish war, nnewsize in the Russian army. But there he was captured, and then was in India, where he amassed his fortune. In France, under Napoleon I, he headed the General Council of the Department of Mont Blanc.

The author of the project of the fountain was Pierre-Victor SAPE. The height of the obelisk that stands in the center of the fountain, was more than 17 metres, and the water in this design flowed of their trunks and the elephants poured into the pool an octagonal shape. On the role of India in the count reminds of the column in the form of a trunk of a palm tree and listing his military achievements. Crowns the composition of the statue de Boina three-meter height. The fountain was made of cast iron and limestone.

Not all the inhabitants of Chambery, at first praised the work of Cape - some thought the fountain is ugly and demanded to remove it. But the fountain is not only left standing in his place, but also became one of the most striking sights of the city.

Besides the fountain Elephants, Chambery, there are other interesting fountains - for example, the fountain in the place Saint-Leger with two cherubs. This is a copy of one of the first fountains of chambéry, built in 1670. The fountain was destroyed during the second half of the XIX century during the construction of the city hall. Or fountain in the form of a burning heart, located in the courtyard of the mansion Perus. The time of its construction - the middle of the XVIII century.