/ / The Stravinsky fountain: photos, description (Fontaine Stravinski)

The Stravinsky fountain: photos, description (Fontaine Stravinski)

The famous Stravinsky fountain is situated between the avant-garde Pompidou Centre and the Gothic Church of Saint-Merri. There is always full of moms with excited children, but the installation is capable of producing an impression on the adult.

The eyes of the visitor appears in a (36 16.5 metres) rectangular low bowl filled with water. There are sixteen strange shapes. Black mechanisms, combining the gears and wheels with hoses, cycle-by-cycle is repeated intricate movements. Sticking out of the water a huge bright pieces from time to time produce a trickle of water. Look at all this fun and funny.

The fountain was created in 1983 by Swiss architect Jean Tinguely and his wife, the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Artists invited to solve unusual tasks Pierre Boulez, founder of the Center for musical studies, located just under the area of Stravinsky. Boulez believed that this small area is boring, it needs to be revived. By this time, the adept of "kinetic art" Tinguely gained international fame as the author of the giant fantastic machines and self-destructive designs, and Boulez invited him to work on the appearance of the square. Tinguely set a condition: the project must participate Niki de Saint Phalle.

The idea of the fountain was faced with technical difficulties: considering the habitability of the space under the square of the weight of the construction had to be minimized. Tinguely, typically worked with iron, used this time for shapes-mobiles painted in black lightweight aluminium. Saint Phalle used for the colored shapes floating fiberglass and polyester. The very bowl of the fountain was made with a depth of only 35 centimeters.

Fountain dedicated to the great Russian composer, conductor and pianist Igor Stravinsky, who is a significant part of his life in France. Relentless, mesmerizing slow movement of the shapes-mobiles inspired by the music of Stravinsky ballet "the rite of Spring" and "Firebird". These ballets, the composer wrote specially for the "Russian seasons" by Sergei Diaghilev, who played a huge role in the popularization of Russian culture.