/ / Fort Brescou: photos, description of Fort de Brescou)

Fort Brescou: photos, description of Fort de Brescou)

Fort Brescou located on an island in the Mediterranean sea, located in kilometer from the coast of Le cap d'agde, Languedoc - Roussillon, South of France. This is the only island in the region. Its area is only 0.5 hectare.

The first defensive structures on the island appeared in 1585, during the wars of religion in France. The Fort defended the Cap against a possible attack from Spain. In 1632, in this fortress against the powerful cardinal Richelieu hid Henri de Montmorency, who eventually was captured and executed. The king ordered to destroy the Fort Brescou, and in its place build a dam, but the work was never executed. However, at the end of the XVII century there was a new fortress, this time built according to the drawings of the famous military architect Vauban. From the construction of the last century, almost nothing remained, but a modern structure was rebuilt several times, the last time this was done the troops of Nazi Germany occupied the southern part of France 1942-1944. It is also worth noting that Forte Brasco was a state prison, served for several centuries.

In addition to several remnants of the bastions, castle walls and other fortifications, from Fort remained two lighthouses - the old, built in the XVI century, and more modern, built in 1836 and enlarged in 1901. Until 1989, on the island there lived a servant of the lighthouse with his family, his house remained now. But the lighthouse itself since switched to automated control.

Unfortunately, the Fort is closed for tourist visits because of restoration work. However, they can be enjoyed from the pleasure boats sailing from Agde, and along the coast of the Mediterranean sea.