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Fort Carre: photo description (Fort Carre)

The once formidable and invincible fortress Fort carré is now part of the Park for walking, the location of the two museums and even involved in the filming. So, this fortress on the Mediterranean coast in one of the films of the film about James bond "never say Never" played the role of the Arab Fort. Until 1997, the fortress belonged to the Ministry of defence of France, although for a long time performed no military functions. Now the Fort is owned by the municipality, with the walls of the fortress you can find museums dedicated to archaeology and Napoleon.

The history of this attraction contains many interesting facts. First, the fortress was built in the second half of the XVI century on the site of the Roman temple in honor of mercury, but not other fortifications. Second, for the construction of the Fort was not chosen the most conventional form of a star with four rays.

The Fort had four bastions, each of which was named according to the direction that the Bastion was supposed to cover - "nice", "Corsica", "Antibes", the fourth was named "France". The fortress was built as a border strengthening between the Kingdom and the Principality of nice, the border between which passed on the river var.

In the XVII century to the defense of the Fort and its appearance put my knowledge and experience of military engineer Sebastien de Vauban. And at the end of the XIX century the fortress was concluded, Napoleon Bonaparte, then a Brigadier General, convicted in connection with the revolutionaries. It was supposed to be executed, but due to the request of General Jacques Francois Dugommier Napoleon was pardoned and was able to play a role in the history of France.

Currently, the Fort carré is recognized as one of the symbols of Antibes and along its walls paved walking trail. In addition to strong walls and Museum exhibits in the Fort you can see the frescoes of the XVIII century that decorated the walls of the chapel of San Lorenzo.