/ / Fort Kestel photo, description Fort du Questel)

Fort Kestel photo, description Fort du Questel)

Fort Kestel included in the chain of fortifications surrounding major French city of Brest to the mainland side. It is a redoubt that is quadrangular strengthening compactness. With a construction area of approximately 6 hectares.

The redoubt was built in 1783, but used the drawings of the great military engineer of the XVII century - Vauban's. Around it, dug a deep ditch, across which is thrown a drawbridge that serves as the only entrance to the fortress.

Along the moat built a strong stone wall with small Windows and loopholes - holes through which to fire at attacking the Fort of the enemy. On the upper level of the Fort housed the artillery. Just have the defending side, there were about 26 guns.

The garrison of the Fort Kestel numbered about 200 people. The Fort also known by the intricacies of its galleries and passages, including the underground, which allowed to accommodate such a large number of people. Also this created the effect of surprise in repelling the enemy attack. It is worth noting that the Fort was equipped with a restroom that in the time of Vauban, was a rarity.

The Fort is located on a steep hill, towering above the valley Allego, in the middle of which runs a small river of the same name - a tributary of the larger river Breton Penfield. This area is characterized by picturesque scenery, which fits well with this former military base. Tourists are invited to descend into the underground passageways of the redoubt, to look around the area, with its walls, or simply stroll through the leafy slopes of the cliffs.