/ / Fort Minbari: photos, description (Fort Montbarey)

Fort Minbari: photos, description (Fort Montbarey)

Fort Minbari in the French city of Brest fortress, built in the second half of the XVIII century during the reign of king Louis XVI. The construction of the fortress lasted seven years, from 1777 to 1784. It is an impregnable construction was supposed to strengthen the defense of Brest on the West side. The thickness of the walls of the Fort exceeded six feet, and its interior spaces have low ceilings, the communication between them is via narrow spiral staircases and metal doors.

However, the most dramatic events unfolded around the Fort and the entire city during the Second world war. The strategically important port of Brest was occupied by Nazi troops at the very beginning of the war. In 1941 the city docks has been turned into a base for German submarines, also conducted the construction of new docks, and at the Fort housed a German garrison. The liberation of Brest in 1944 by American troops was very bloody: after the massive bombing of the city was partially destroyed, and the Fort of the Nazis literally burned with flamethrowers. The battle for the Fort lasted for months.

After the war, the fortress was restored to 60 years on its territory was located the radar, and in 1984 in Fort Minbari opened a Museum dedicated to the history of Finistere during the Second world war. One of his exhibitions, called "Brest in ruins" and reproduces the state of the city at the end of the war after air strikes of the allied forces. In the Museum you can also see the American anti-aircraft guns and British tank "the Churchill", other weapons of the allies. Here are one of the submarines during the Second world war, a railway wagon used for the deportation documents of the period.