/ / Fort Petit Baie: photo description (Fort du Petit Be)

Fort Petit Baie: photo description (Fort du Petit Be)

This strengthening of the city of Saint-Malo is located on a small island near the island of Grand-Bé. The big island also has its strengthening of the fortress and also known as the burial place of the famous writer and politician Chateaubriand. Both Islands are accessible to the public only during the low tide, but to the island of Petit Bé can be reached at the exposed bottom, and Grand Baie on the paved road which at high tide is hidden under water.

Both Islands during high tides become unavailable, and thus was calculation in their construction. The Fort of Petit Bé was erected on the draft of the master military construction Sebastian Le Pretre de Vauban, the work was completed Simon Garana after the death of the Marquis in 1707.

The island of Petit Bé is located about a kilometer from the Big island and seven hundred meters from the city. In obedience to the Saint-Malo it was transmitted only towards the end of the XIX century. The Fort of Petit Bé, in 1921, received the status of historical monument.

Now in the Fort is a Museum dedicated to the history of the fortifications of the city of Saint-Malo and the walls of the Fort are used as viewing platforms, provides beautiful views of the Bay and the city.

Among the fortifications of Saint-Malo consists of a fortress wall with a length of over six kilometers, built in the XVII th and reconstructed in the middle of the XVIII century. It surrounds the so-called "inner city". Near the entrance to the town stands the castle of Gaillard, erected in the XV century. The main entrance to Saint-Malo currently serve as the gate of St. Vincent, and in the previous century such was considered the Grand Port. Another entrance served as the gate of St. Thomas. The approaches to Saint-Malo from different sides guarded the bastions of Saint Louis, built in honor of Louis XIV, St. Philip (the beginning of XVIII century), Dutch and Bedoin tower (XV century).