/ / Fort Saint Elmo: photo, description Fort Saint-Elme)

Fort Saint Elmo: photo, description Fort Saint-Elme)

Fort St Elmo in Colure named after the patron Saint of all navigators of the Mediterranean sea. St. Elmo lived in the III century and was also known by the name of Erasmus, and died a Martyr's death after being tortured. In addition to the fortresses, St. Elmo's name was also called strange bluish glow on the masts of ships (St. Elmo's fire), which occurred during a thunderstorm or a storm, and the sailors interpreted it as a sign of salvation. If the glow appeared out of a dangerous situation, the mariners would interpret it as a sign of good luck.

Fort St Elmo was built on top of a hill in the first half of the XVI century by decree of the Spanish monarch Charles V. there are Also versions that the Fort was built by the Templars. In addition, some of its owners were also the Hospitallers. In the center of the Fort stands a tower, erected in the IX century. The tower is surrounded by thick massive walls, and the outlines of the Fort, when viewed from the heights resemble a star with six rays. In the XVII century over the Fort worked well-known fortifier Marquis de Vauban, who fortified the citadel, in particular, by building the bastions.

Next to Fort St. Elmo is located another castle - the Royal castle, the first building which appeared in the VII century. The castle is well preserved, it now houses the city Museum.

Since 1913 the Fort Saint Elmo is a private residence.