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Fort Socoa photo, description Fort de Socoa)

Fort Socoa is one of the attractions of the seaside town of Ciboure, standing on the Atlantic coast, southwest France, the Aquitaine region. The Fort itself is in the middle of the river Nivelle, Ciboure between himself and others, a major city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, which is exactly opposite of SIBUR.

The main function of the Fort was a defense from the sea these two cities and the mouth of the river Nivelle. It was built in the early XVII century, but then completely rebuilt according to the plans of the great military architect Vauban in 1693. Modern tower was built on the Foundation of the tower, which was built during the reign of Henry IV. A road connecting the island Fort to the shore, was also conducted during the time of Vauban.

The Fort was reconstructed and rebuilt during the following centuries. In 1723, were added the new small barracks, and in 1726 was dug a well.

The military base was used according to its purpose and constantly upgraded until 1891. Moreover, some time the base was used as an important customs point. Then it was abandoned, and during the Nazi occupation badly damaged by the troops of Nazi Germany.

The main structure of the Fort is its powerful four-storey round tower with mounted turrets on the upper floors. Although it was built in the XVII century, with its appearance it resembles the old medieval fortifications. On the top of the tower equipped outdoor area where you could place one or even two guns.

Now Fort Socoa is open for tourist visits. Tourists are invited to get acquainted with the intricacies of defensive galleries of the redoubt, it is possible and to descend into the lower tunnels, and climb on walls and ground shaft. Also preserved rooms of the former customs office. It should be noted that to visit the Fort only during the summer months.

Since 1992, the Fort socoa is a monument of history and architecture of France and is under state protection.