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Forum Arles: photo, description, Forum d'arles)

To date from the Roman forum in Arles, little has been preserved. Today in its place is a square of the Forum, also known by its cafes, which portrayed Vincent van Gogh in 1888, the painting "outdoor cafe at Arles". The square is the center of community life of Arles, so it is always crowded. It roughly follows the outline of the old forum. From the old forum left in the square pylons ancient Roman buildings that today are part of the mansion nor-Pina. It is known that the construction of the forum began in 46 BC and was completed after a couple of decades. The forum was the first and largest construction project that the Romans began to build in his new colony. In the period of the Roman Empire, the forum played the role of the main square and center of public life of citizens, and was located at the crossroads of two major city streets - it is noteworthy that in the planning of urban space Romans were guided by the same principles as in the organization of a military camp. The area of the forum in Arles was almost 11 thousand square meters, one of its sides was as it is raised on criptoportico to equalize it with the opposite side, located on the hillside. It is known that near the forum was occupied by a number of public buildings, and on the square itself, deals, and negotiations were held. One of the newer attractions of the area of the Forum is the monument to the poet frédéric Mistral - winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1904. He was known as a poet, writing in the Provencal dialect and popularized it. His prize for frédéric Mistral spent on the development he created the Museum Arlaten, dedicated to the preservation of traditional Provencal culture.