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The furs: photos, description (Fources)

The furs is a beautiful old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are a little less than 300 people. The nearest major town - Toulouse - is 110 kilometers to the Southeast. The maximum height in the city is 200 metres above sea level. The village stands on a small river of RAM.

The area is characterized by oceanic climate: in summer the maximum temperature can reach 35 degrees, while winters are night frosts and precipitation.

The furs is a Bastide, a fortified settlement that exceeds the size of the village, but falls short of the title city. A distinctive feature of the Furs is its Central square, in the shape of a semicircle. Such a construction of the houses are made also with a defensive purpose. The furs is the only circular Bastide, located in the Department of Gers.

The first mention of the area dates back to 1068. Until the XV century the Furs served as a bone of contention between England and France, and there lived a noble Gascon family.

Officially the oldest city building is the clock tower of the XIII century, however, there is also a small chapel of St. Quiteria for, which dates back to the Early middle Ages. The interesting thing is that it is not even in the Romanesque architectural style, and another, earlier.

Another important attraction is noticeably not completed castle of the XV century - it consists of two wings and round towers, about the same height. The facade is decorated with elegant Windows overlooking the river RAM. Today it houses a major hotel restaurant. City gate and St. Lawrence's Church was built around the same historical period in the XV century. Also in the village there are numerous historical half-timbered houses with arcade galleries on the first floor.

The furs also famous for its colorful, including musical festivals. Also at the end of April, it hosts the annual flower market, and in July - book fair.