/ / Temple of Augustus: photo description (Temple d'auguste et de Livie)

Temple of Augustus: photo description (Temple d'auguste et de Livie)

In Vienne you can see many sights Dating from the ancient era, including the well-preserved temple of Augustus and Livia. This construction for over two thousand years, it was built in the I century BC.

The temple was dedicated to the founder of the Roman Empire Octavian Augustus, and later his third wife Libya, which he consulted on important public and political issues, and she willingly went into all aspects of government Empire. Livia came from a noble family and went down in history as a good Empress, and great-grandmother of the emperors Caligula and Nero. In addition, Livia married Tiberius Nero, and Augustus insisted that he gave him his wife, and the Emperor himself, meanwhile, was removed from his second wife Scribonia.

In honor of the Imperial couple in the Roman Empire, built palaces, temples and even whole cities - one of them was named Livadi. After August's death, Libya has lived a long and happy life - she lived in complete worship to 86 years and died in 29. The dedication of the temple of August, the Empress of Libya has occurred after more than a decade after her death.

In the Middle ages the temple was converted into a Christian Church, during the great French revolution he became a revolutionary court, and then a Museum. The restoration of the Church was held in 1860, thanks to the participation of the chief inspector for the historical monuments of prosper Merimee, who made up the list of historical heritage and drew attention to its condition and safety.

Except the temple of Augustus and Libya, are also located in Vienne other architectural evidence of the antiquity: on the right Bank of the Rhone is home to the archaeological Garden of Cybele, where scientists have discovered the temple of Cybele and the Roman theatre. Another antique theater in Vienne is situated at the foot of the mountain Pipa.