/ / The temple of Diana: a photo, a description (Temple de Diane)

The temple of Diana: a photo, a description (Temple de Diane)

"Temple of Diana" is one of the attractions of Garden fountains in Nimes. The "temple" she called tentatively, as original purpose of this building has not been determined. Perhaps it was the sanctuary, but not dedicated to the goddess-huntress and Emperor Augustus. It is also possible that the building was in any public place, for example, library, or bath.

The researchers were able to establish the age of the building - I century BC. The fragments of the buildings have survived due to the fact that in the Middle ages there was a chapel of St. Ursula. Damage to the building caused religious wars, fires and the use of the building for purposes not connected with worship - in particular, here, take the stone in the quarry.

All that remains of the ancient buildings is a fragment of the facade with three arches and a large hall with two staircases, the rest of the "Temple of Diana" represent the ruins.

Another version concerning the designation of "Diana Temple" suggests that it is not accidentally built near the source, around which grew Him. The source was considered the dwelling place of the deity by the name of Nemausus, and the temple was the place where the deity was rendered proper honors.

And the source itself, and the "Temple of Diana" located in the Garden fountains is a beautiful Park, built under Louis XV in the eighteenth century. The garden was decorated with marble statues, and the source turned into a pond, also cultured marble. Garden fountains can be seen and other picturesque ancient ruins - the remains of Roman baths, theatre and aqueduct. It has a structure whose purpose as yet remains unclear, is the Magna tower. In addition, the garden is a very rare sight - a water reservoir for flowing water from the mountains through which the ancient It could withstand a long siege.