/ / The centre Pompidou (Beaubourg): photo description (Centre Georges-Pompidou)

The centre Pompidou (Beaubourg): photo description (Centre Georges-Pompidou)

The centre Pompidou, or as it is called by Parisians, the Beaubourg, is one of the most popular cultural sites of Paris. For the year it is visited by 8 million people - more than the Eiffel tower.

The centre opened in 1977 on the initiative of French President Georges Pompidou, who carried out his dream of a cultural center, which will be both a Museum and a creative workshop.

In the contest for project of the Center was attended by architects from 49 countries. Defeated Renzo Piano (Italy) and Richard Rogers (UK), offered the high-tech building is huge. Its feature is the introduction of facades, internal communications, which became part of the design. Encircling the building air-conditioning system, painted in bright blue, water - green, electric cables - yellow, lifts and escalators are red. Beaubourg is a bit like a factory but a very beautiful plant.

Extravagant architecture is loved by the Parisians. A large area in front of the Centre, which has excellent acoustics, was chosen by the musicians, street mimes and jugglers. Every spring there are carnivals. The Street is adjacent to a cozy area of Stravinsky with the same unusual fountain in it moving "mechanical sculpture", created on the themes of the composer's works.

At the Pompidou Center are the largest in Europe national Museum of contemporary art with a rich collection of masters of the XX century. Here also there are free Public library (2 million volumes), concert and exhibition halls, the Centre for music and acoustic research. On the fifth and sixth floors of the Center are held every year a large exhibition there were exhibited the works of Pollock, Kandinsky, Leger.

The main facade of the Center diagonally crosses the huge transparent escalator. It is possible to climb to the top observation deck, which offers excellent views of Paris. From North Street adjacent quarter Hours walking craft area. Installed here a huge animated clock "Defender of time". At the onset of each hour bronze man comes to grips with one of the three monsters - the Earth, Water, Air.