/ / The chain tower: photos, description Tour de la Chaine)

The chain tower: photos, description Tour de la Chaine)

Chain tower is one of the medieval fortifications preserved in the historical part of La Rochelle. Fortifications at this place were destroyed in the first half of the seventeenth century after the siege of the city lasted for a year.

The capture of the Huguenot La Rochelle in September 1628 the forces of king Louis XIII is an important moment in the history of the city and of France. However, for tourists it is notable for two facts: first, personally commanded the troops of cardinal Richelieu. Secondly, Alexandre Dumas described his Musketeers during the capture of La Rochelle - recall that the characters in his novel and have time to eat Breakfast, and reflect the onslaught of the enemy.

Preserved fortifications of the Old port have the status of world heritage of UNESCO. Tower of St. Nicholas, a Chain and another not the surviving tower and the tower of the Lanterne (Lantern or Four sergeants) was erected in the second half of the XIV century. Chain called tower standing at the entrance to the port. Between them was prosrochena-strong chain, which could block the enemy ship access to the port water area. The tower Chain, which survived until our days, was damaged in the middle of the XVII century, but at the end of the XIX century was refurbished. Her "neighbor" a smaller size was less fortunate in the nineteenth century, it was destroyed.

Each of the towers of the Old port was my "role": in the tower of Saint Nicolas was situated the apartment of the commander of the port and was always a squad of soldiers, lantern was a prison. Chain tower served as the location of city garrison and even some time the residence of the Governor. Today within its walls is a Museum dedicated to the history of the city and archaeology. Here you can see the layout of the medieval La Rochelle. Those who go up the spiral staircase, you get a bonus - a panorama of the city from the observation deck located at the top of the tower.