/ / The Church of Alexander Nevsky: photos, description Eglise Saint Alexandre Nevsky)

The Church of Alexander Nevsky: photos, description Eglise Saint Alexandre Nevsky)

Church of the Intercession and St. Alexander Nevsky - that's the full name of this temple located on the shore of the Gulf of Gascogne in Biarritz.

At first, the Orthodox community of Biarritz gathered for the service held at the Villa Eugenie, which was the summer residence of the French Empress and wife of Napoleon III. These services were attended by Maria Feodorovna, wife of Russian Emperor Alexander III.

A few years later after the death of the French Emperor in 1873, Eugene sold the Villa, which the new owners have turned first to the casino, and then to the hotel. Therefore, the local Orthodox community decided to build a new Church, a separate building. The decision was taken in 1879, was created a special Committee which was engaged in fundraising and organizational issues.

The project for the Church of Alexander Nevsky was developed by the Nikolai Nikonov, one of the most famous architects of St. Petersburg, worked in the field of ecclesiastical architecture. Temples and monasteries, were designed by Nikonov, can be seen on Valaam, Moscow, Novy Afon, Tallinn, other cities and villages of pre-revolutionary Russia.

Construction work in Biarritz was launched in 1890, and two years later took place the consecration of the Church, which was attended by the Russian Ambassador in Paris, Baron Arthur Mohrenheim, Duke George of Leuchtenberg and representatives of the authorities of Biarritz.

Currently is an active Church and belongs to the Western European Exarchate of Russian parishes of Ecumenical Patriarchate. In 2000-ies, an attempt was made to transfer the Church to the Moscow Patriarchate, however, it was challenged in court, and the Church returned to the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox churches in Western Europe.