/ / The Church of Notre-Dame: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame de Dives-sur-Mer)

The Church of Notre-Dame: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame de Dives-sur-Mer)

Church of our lady stands at the intersection of Lisieux, Helene Boucher in the Spa town of Dives-sur-Mer, Northern France, Normandy region.

It is still unknown when was laid the first stone of this sacred building. Its oldest part dates back to the XI century, while its first half, before the Norman conquest of England. We know that because of this small port town of William the Conqueror went to England in 1066, but his first attempt was unsuccessful.

The original Church in Dives-sur-Mer was not independent, and belonged to two major monasteries, one of which was in the neighbouring town of Cana. But in the XII century the town had its own parish, and then in place of the old, small Church of our lady (Notre Dame), a temple was constructed in the Romanesque style. In XIV-XV centuries it was enlarged and embellished with Gothic style.

The Church was the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which was considered miraculous. Dives-sur-Mer has long attracted pilgrims - they flocked to the city in the summer, after the feast of Pentecost. Unfortunately, the statue was destroyed by the Huguenots in 1562.

The echoes of the Romanesque style are the details of fortifications, still visible on the Church façade. During the hundred years war powerful the belfry also served as watchtower and. The roof is also decorated with graceful balustrade with gargoyles.

Above the main entrance to the Cathedral is a huge plate, on which are carved the names of all 475 of the companions of William the Conqueror, who went with him to capture England. Also in the Cathedral there are many interesting sculptures and other images depicting a variety of sea monsters.

All the Church's stained glass Windows were manufactured in 1875, with one exception. The stained glass window depicting angels, were made in the XIV century.