/ / The Church of the Val-de-grace: photo description (Eglise du Val-de-Grace)

The Church of the Val-de-grace: photo description (Eglise du Val-de-Grace)

The Church of the Val-de-grace, whose name coincides with the name of the famous Parisian military hospital in the Latin quarter, is really in the territory of the institution - the tourists get there via Military-medical Museum of the hospital. But one of the most beautiful in Paris Baroque churches are well visible and with a tiny square in the laweran hostel from wrought iron with a gilded monogram, which shines the letter "a".

The letter recalls that the hospital is housed in the buildings of the former Benedictine monastery, the land for which was bought with my own money Anne of Austria - the one for which d'artagnan raced in England for the stolen pendants. Kidnapping is a fact of history (though d'artagnan was at that time only five years old), it is also true that the relationship the Queen has with her husband Louis XIII was worse, they were not long. Still become pregnant after twenty-three years of sterile marriage, Anne the day after the child's birth, he made a vow to build in his favorite monastery Church and to dedicate it to the virgin Mary. The first stone of the temple was laid in 1645, seven years her son, the future Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Initially, the construction was led by the prominent architect françois Mansart, then he was replaced by Jean Lemercier, and after the death of this architect Pierre de MUE and Gabriel Le Duc. Together they built a magnificent Baroque building with a dome similar to the dome of St. Peter's in Rome. This dome is the third largest in Paris after Les Invalides and the Pantheon).

The interior of the Church designed the best painters and sculptors of the era. Impressive multi-figure fresco of the dome of the arch, where Anne of Austria and Louis represent the mother of God the layout of the Church. Wrote the fresco of the favorite artist of Louis XIV Pierre mignard. The great altar of the baby Jesus and the virgin, created by Gabriel Le Duc.

The completed Church was in 1667, the year after the death of Anne of Austria breast cancer. During the revolution the Church organ was destroyed, the Church itself was desecrated, the monastery turned into a military hospital. Probably this saved him (and the Church) from total destruction. Now in a former monastery is one of the best hospitals in the world, in which, in particular, treated the first person in the French Republic. Perhaps this explains some of the inaccessibility of the Church.