/ / Church Grande Eglise: photos, description (Grand Eglise de Saint-Etienne)

Church Grande Eglise: photos, description (Grand Eglise de Saint-Etienne)

Church Grande Eglise is in the historic centre of the Old town of Saint-étienne. Although she is known as "Chief" or "Big" Church (Grand'eglise), she has a more prosaic name - the Church of saints Stephen and Lawrence (Saint-Etienne and Saint-Laurent).

The first building on this spot appeared in the year 1000. The building of this Church was symbolic for the town - this St. Stephen's Church gave its name to the whole city - étienne is the French version of the name "Stephen". But this, though significant, the building practically nothing is known. At the end of XII century, the city of Saint-Etienne broke away from the authority of the Archbishop of Lyons, and after almost another two hundred years, it was decided to build a new major parish Church. Construction began in 1310 and lasted for several centuries. Completed the architectural complex has survived almost intact and preserved in his appearance all the characteristics of flamboyant Gothic style. Especially elaborate choirs, rebuilt after the hundred years war in 1486.

Interesting facade of the Church with a triangular pediment supported by two relatively thin columns. It is very remarkable contrast to the powerful bell tower with buttresses. The temple itself is rather large: it consists of three naves crossed by a transept.

The Church has repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed - the top of the steeple was finished in our time. The interior of the Church belongs to the XV-XVII centuries. Stand out several paintings, made on religious themes, and elegant wooden sculptural group depicting the entombment. The impressive Church organ was finished in 1922.

Church Grande Eglise is a monument of art and culture of France and protected by the state.