/ / The Church of the Madeleine: photos, description (La Madeleine)

The Church of the Madeleine: photos, description (La Madeleine)

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene Parisians call informal Madeleine. It looks unusual - like a Greek temple, and the story is amazing: over 85 years of construction, the project changed several times, depending on the mode.

Once on the site of the present Church stood the old, also of St. Mary Magdalene. It was going to restore, the first stone was solemnly laid by Louis XV in 1763. However, by the beginning of the revolution of 1789 was ready only the Foundation and porch. Revolutionaries have long argued how the building will serve as a people - a library or market. But here is brought the body of Louis XVI after his execution, it quickly became the burial service and buried, leaving quicklime in a small cemetery nearby. Then the remains of king and his wife were reburied in the Basilica of Saint-Denis.

And the Church was demolished in 1799. In 1806 Napoleon decided to build the temple of Glory of the great Army. The architect Vignon started, they walked slowly. After the fall of Napoleon Louis XVIII demanded that the building became the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Then almost decided that it is better to use as a station. Eventually in 1842 the new Church was consecrated.

Suffering Madeleine was the standard architecture of French classicism. The building is circled by 52 Corinthian columns with a height of 20 meters. On the pediment sculpture of the last judgment the work of Lehmer (kneeling figure of Mary Magdalene, intercessions before Christ for sinners). Bronze doors decorated with reliefs on the theme of the Ten commandments. Above the altar stands a statue depicting the ascension of Mary Magdalene author Marochetti), and polypol above it decorated with frescoes Ziegler "History of Christianity". Sculpture, mosaic, gilding - all flickers in the darkness: the Church has no Windows and is illuminated through the arch. The organ was built by cavaye-MCPFE, organists at the Madeleine there were many celebrities, including Saint-saëns, Dubois, fauré.

Madeleine stands on the same square inscribed in the ensemble Concorde. Tourists by the hundreds of thousands a year visit the temple. However, the parish lives an ordinary life. Here, as expected, catechizing baptized, crowned, read the burial service, daily serve the Holy Mass.