/ / The Church of Notre Dame de Kuno: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame de Cunault)

The Church of Notre Dame de Kuno: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame de Cunault)

The Church of Notre Dame de Kuno located in the small commune of Cuno, now known as Chènehutte-Trev-Kuno, Central France, pays de La Loire region. This settlement, home to just over 1,000 people, was formed only in 1973, when two small villages were United into a single city. However, the history of this area goes back to the beginning of the XI century, the first castle here was built in 1026, a prominent figure of the middle Ages - Falcom III Black (Nera), count of Anjou.

The Church itself was built around the same historical period, perhaps even by Falcom Nera. However, the first building on this site appeared in the fourth century, when the region only came to Christianity. The "Baptist" of this area made Holy Mansencal, who founded a monastery here, which was destroyed by the Vikings in the ninth century. The modern Church made in Romanesque style, belongs to the Early Medieval period. She received financial support from the counts of Anjou, as well as for its maintenance depart separate part of the taxes collected at the customs point Kuno.

Soon the Church was established Christmas grotto, where, according to legend, kept the milk drops of the virgin Mary. After that, the Notre Dame Church immediately became the object of pilgrimage. During the French revolution the building suffered greatly. Lost it and of its sacred significance - in addition to the sacred grotto, the temple is a carved wooden sarcophagus with the relics of the Holy Maxence, the founder of the first monastery built on this place.

The appearance of the Church cannot be called the brightly decorated - it is made in typical Romanesque architecture simple style. The interior is amazing, primarily because of its term, representing the Cathedral more than he really is. The interior of the Church particularly stand out 223 graceful columns, in the style of the Angevin Gothic. The walls are decorated with ancient frescoes on religious themes, is a real masterpiece of medieval art.

Due to its amazing acoustics, every year in may in the Church of Notre-Dame de Kuno organ is used for concerts. Since 1846, the Church is a monument of history and architecture of France. Interestingly, in the course of restoration works held in 1838, took part himself of prosper Merimee, the famous French writer.