/ / The Church Notre-Dame-d'auteuil: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-d'auteuil)

The Church Notre-Dame-d'auteuil: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-d'auteuil)

The Church Notre-Dame-d'auteuil, which in Paris is often simply called a Church father stands on the hill on the right Bank of the Seine. Her fifty-meter bell tower is slightly reminiscent in form the papal tiara.

The current quarter Auteuil is in place is rich in vineyards and ancient villages with the same name, joined to Paris only in 1860. The Church in the village existed since the XI century, in the XIX century it was rebuilt. However, the rapid economic development of the region and demanded of the new temple greater capacity.

The modern Church of Notre-Dame d'auteuil was built in 1892 on the draft diocesan architect Joseph Auguste émile Voteme. Undoubtedly, Voteme, who built a number of familiar Paris of the second half of the XIX century buildings (the Sante jail, lycée Buffon, schools), made in General of a typical project in Romano-Byzantine style. However, the architect managed within the adopted standard to create a bright memorable image.

The building is modestly decorated, its main decoration is located to the left of the entrance a statue of the virgin Mary with child at the hands of the sculptor Henri-Charles Maniglia). Originally the statue was located in the center of the Church gate, interfering with those entering into the Church. For some time it was moved to the garden of the parish priest, the current her place she took after reconstruction in 1988.

The interior of the Church is not called light in the narrow Windows let in little light, high arches are always hiding in the shadows. Stone walls and colonnade are no trims. The main decoration concentrated in the chapels. A few steps lead from the choir to the chapel of the virgin, where there is the extraordinary beauty of the statue of the "virgin of the vow" the work of an unknown artist. In may 1918, when German troops approached Paris 40 kilometers, the city was struck by shells German guns sverdlovskoy. Parish priest father Rivenc vowed to put in the temple a marble statue of the mother of God, if the enemy's shells will spare the Church. Notre-Dame-d'auteuil survived, the vow was fulfilled.

Almost opposite Notre-Dame-d'auteuil, a few dozen meters from the Church door, is a separate parish chapel built in 1937. It is made in the style of constructivism and built between two adjacent buildings. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Bernadette Soubirous, was awarded the vision of the virgin Mary in Lourdes.