/ / The Church Notre-Dame-de-Blanc-Manteau: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Manteaux)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-Blanc-Manteau: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Manteaux)

The name of the Church Notre-Dame-de-Blanc-Manteau can be translated as "our lady of the White Coat." And it's the first thing usually asked with surprise visitors (not members, those that want to know everything about the Church): "Why is your coat?!" Of course, this refers to a monk's robe. The Church of the mother of God White Vestments - it would be more correct and immediately understandable.

In 1258 Louis IX allowed the mendicant order of servants of Mary, to settle in Paris and to build a monastery. Monks in white woolen garments've only been here before 1274, but the Parisians had to get used to them. The name Blanc-Manteau still bears not only the Church in the Marais, but also the street on which it stands, and small modern theatre opposite the Church. The market in the beginning of the street, built in the XIX century, also called Blanc-Manteau (now an entertainment centre, and the name all the same). A song about the street-Blanc Manto (music by Joseph Kosma, lyrics by Jean-Paul Sartre) sang popular French actress and singer Juliette Greco.

The monastery once occupied a large space, which included a chapel, and gardens, but now it was only the Church. When in 1863 by the architect Victor Baltar began its reconstruction, Baron Haussmann and just needed to demolish the Church of Saint-Eloi Barnaba on the island Cité to pave the Boulevard pale. The facade of St. Eloi, built in 1701 by architect C, moved stone by stone in Blanc-Manteau.

The facade is simple and austere: the Doric pilasters, modest pediments. Inside - fine jewelry, making the interior of the Church is unique. Noteworthy is a unique work of art - a carved oak pulpit in the Rococo style with delicate inlays in the frames of gilded wood. A lot of paintings, among which cozy the adoration of the shepherds, a copy of "the Holy Family" by Murillo, "Jesus washing the apostles' feet, in the chapel of St. Genevieve - dramatic "Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek". The authority is a separate story. In August 1944, near Blanc-Manteau exploded German bomb, the Church received a lot of damage, in particular flew out the window. The building was repaired a few years and the Windows put in by the end of the year, but the authority, and demanding the restoration was spoiled after a few months of cold and rain. The city of Paris it was restored in 1968, and the organ is now not only at Mass - in the Church often hosts concerts.