/ / The Church Notre-Dame-de-Compassion: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Compassion)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-Compassion: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-de-Compassion)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-Compassion in the form which is connected with the Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and classical elements, is in sharp contrast with the surrounding buildings of the district of Port de Ternes. Next - the modern Palace of congresses and one of the highest in Paris, the skyscrapers, the Concorde Lafayette. A small elegant Church looks at their background weird.

The appearance of Notre-Dame-de-Compassion in this quarter, caused by a tragic event that left its mark on the history of France of the XIX century. During the July monarchy (1830-1848 year) country refused to support king Louis-Philippe and drew their attention to the heir to the throne - the eldest son of the king, Duke Ferdinand-Philippe of Orleans. Well-educated, talented and courageous Prince promised to become a worthy monarch. To him with respect and hope were treated to literally all segments of the population - workers from the Paris suburbs to the nobles.

13 Jul 1842, thirty-two the Duke of Orleans was rushing through Neuilly-sur-Seine to the family that before leaving the regiment, which he commanded, to say goodbye to his wife and children. The horses bolted, the Duke tried to escape, jumped out of the stroller and smashed his head on the pavement. The dying suffered in a utility room at a nearby shop, where he a few hours later and died.

In 1843, the house in which the Prince died, on the project of Royal architect Pierre-françois-léonard Fontaine erected a chapel. As her heavenly patron, was elected as St. Ferdinand of Castile, six centuries ago recapture Spain from the Moors and restored it in the Christian fold.

In 1970, when built Palace of congresses, the building of the chapel was carefully dismantled stone by stone moved to 150 metres. In 1993, the chapel became the parish Church of our lady of Compassion - Notre-Dame-de-Compassion.

The current interior of the Church created by the painter Ari Scheffer, one of the friends of the Duke of Orleans, who himself was a great schedule. In the choir is the "Pieta" sculptor Henri Tricity. He complied, Carrara marble Cenotaph of Ferdinand-Philippe, dressed in the uniform of a dying Prince lay with the head to offer up a prayer angel with a portrait likeness of the late sister, Princess Mary of Orleans. The small space of the nave and transept illuminate the stained glass Windows made by the cartoons of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, a friend of the deceased.