/ / The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Gare: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame de la Gare)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Gare: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame de la Gare)

The name of the Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Gare able to mislead: the nearest Austerlitz station (la gare in French "station") not less than one kilometer.

In fact, the Church is named after a quarter in which it is located: Cartier de La Gare. It is the largest town with a population of under 70,000 people, a famous new complex of the National library of France, the modern area Bet Rive Gauche and China town. The Church located on the place Jeanne d'arc, is in sharp contrast to these innovations: it is built in the Romanesque style, and looks like she is several centuries.

The district got its name in the XVII century here was located the station of Orleans mail route, Batelle d'ivry. Until 1840, these hills were occupied by fields, vineyards, village houses. But soon a little to the North was the railway line. The population quickly grew, the Holy Mass had to serve in the old tavern. In 1855, on one of the hills by architect Claude Nissan began construction of the Church. In 1864 it was completed.

The facade of the Church is typical of temple architecture of the XII century: it is divided into three parts and is topped by a square tower with a high spire (50 meters). The gate is decorated with two figures of angels. Inside the main nave is crossed by two colonnades. The Windows are very small, and therefore the arches of Notre-Dame-de-La-Gare even in daylight hiding in the shadows. Well lit only adorned with stars, the ceiling of the choir.

In the apse Windows are of stained glass occupied the work of Jacques Le Chevalier. In the choir attract the attention of two huge canvas of Anders Osterlind - "Marriage in Cana of Galilee," and "Crucifixion". Statue of the blessed virgin in the centre of the choir, carved Henri-albert Lagriffoul, strongly departs from the established canons for centuries - the outlines of the figures of the virgin are not hidden in the folds of her clothes, her hands seem to embrace the whole world.

In the lobby of the temple stands a statue of Joan of Arc. As a rule, the maiden warrior is depicted at the moment of military glory. Here she is with a sword, but in a pose of deep thought.