/ / The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Garoupe: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame de la Garoupe)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Garoupe: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame de la Garoupe)

The Church of Notre-Dame de La Garoupe in Antibes is dedicated not to a single image of the Holy virgin, but two. In addition, the Church honored several saints who are patrons of the city. Special honors in this Church the inhabitants of Antibes also pay Holy Elena, Sebastian and Roch.

Two virgin Mary, who pray to the inhabitants of Antibes is the Notre Dame de La garde and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port, for each of them built a separate chapel. The chapel Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port is the oldest part of the Church, built in the early XI century on the spot where since the fifth century was the Church of St. Helena. It was the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port in the X century, the inhabitants of Antibes prayed the deliverance from the plague. In gratitude for the salvation of the ancestors of the present citizens still every year in July, conducting a procession in which they go barefooted and with a statue of the virgin. Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port is also considered the patron Saint of seafarers, so it is represented with a small sailing frigate in the hand.

Perhaps the main attraction of this Church can be called votive gifts, offerings made by visitors as a sign of gratitude for the salvation, deliverance, or asking for help. Such gifts for several centuries in the Church had already accumulated more than five hundred of which three hundred are paintings, ship models, photographs and drawings, small ceramic figures and even 250 is a slab of marble on which are carved the words of gratitude. Many of these gifts were presented to sailors who survived the shipwreck. Due to the large number of gifts the interior of the Church is more like a Museum, and the old "exhibit" it dates from the beginning of the XVI century.

A special place in this "Museum" is the items that were exported by sailors of the French fleet during the Crimean war in Sevastopol. Among them - the icon of XIV century, depicting the Madonna with child, a wooden cross with a crucifix and a family heirloom of the family Vorontsov - sewn silk shroud.