/ / The Church Notre-Dame-del-Prat: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame del Prat)

The Church Notre-Dame-del-Prat: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame del Prat)

The Church Notre-Dame-del-Prat is on Republic street, in the heart of the historic centre Area-sur-Mer, Languedoc - Roussillon. This area is located on the border between France and Spain, so Catalan language spoken here, even more than the French.

The first building on this place has appeared in 920, however, this ancient building is nothing left. The modern Cathedral was built in the XIV century. It is made in the typical style yuzhnorusskoe (Mediterranean) Gothic. The Church consists of a single, but very long nave, flanked by a variety of small chapels. Opposite the southern facade of the monumental bell tower.

The Church was reconstructed several times. Extensive restoration work was carried out in the seventeenth century: they were associated with complete collapse of the choirs of the Cathedral. Construction was delayed for a century - it is known that the new vaulted ceiling choir was only completed in 1780. Also had to recreate the Eastern facade of the building.

Subsequently, the entire choir remained unfinished, and was rebuilt only during the following restoration, held in the twenty-first century. Then it was restored side chapel of the Cathedral and its facade. Work was completed in 2009.

The Church is notable for its elegant interior with vaulted ceilings. In its external form preserved a few details typical for the earlier, fortified churches. Traces of these medieval fortifications are especially noticeable on its southern side and on the bell tower, which was finished in the XIV century and is designed in a simple Romanesque style in Catalonia. The bell tower on the southern facade of the Cathedral, support powerful buttresses.