/ / The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Major: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame-la-Major)

The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Major: photo, description Eglise Notre-Dame-la-Major)

Big Church of our lady in Arles was so called only because it was one of the tallest buildings, located on a hill Otur. Otur - perhaps the most famous place in the city. At the foot of this hill was once a Roman forum. To date, it remained only a fragment of one of the buildings, and the place of the forum was built square, which quite closely follows its shape. The Church is located near another attraction of the Roman era - amphitheatre.

The Church Notre-Dame-de-La-Major was built in the mid XII century on the site of a Roman religious buildings. The fact of the location on the site of a Roman temple have been confirmed by archaeological finds made in this place. Until the XVII century appearance of the Church has made various changes, so different parts of this structure were performed in different architectural styles: the nave was built in the Romanesque style, apse, side chapels, bell tower and the façade was built in the XVI century. Some changes were also made in the XIX century (the reconstruction of the bell tower), and in the XX century (the restoration of the Church after the Second world war, in the years where it was damaged).

The decoration of the Church inside and outside are sculptures, one of them is the figure of our lady - located in the bell tower. In the Church, two of them were made by Italian sculptor of the XIX century by Raphael Monti. Also stored here is the statue of St. George, the wooden altar covered with gold leaf, and the altar triptych, created in the XVIII century.

Every year on the first day of may in the Church held a big celebration during which the blessing of horses. The fact that the Church has long belonged to the brotherhood of St. Veran, who is the patron Saint of shepherds, around the Church located at home many of them.