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The Church Notre-Dame-des-Champs: photos, description Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Champs)

The Church Notre-Dame-des-Champs (Church of our lady of the Fields) is located on the Boulevard Montparnasse. The area adjacent to the Latin quarter for centuries combined the buildings with fields and meadows, hence the name.

About this place in ancient times was a temple of mercury. After the Christianization of Gaul, the Church was dedicated to the virgin Mary, in X-XI centuries there appeared a monastery. In the eleventh century by king Robert the Pious decided to rebuild the monastery Church - it is called Notre-Dame-des-Champs. The monastery was at first a Benedictine, then a Carmelite - it is here under the name of Louise compassionate for thirty-six years the former mistress of Louis XIV, Louise de La Valliere. During the French revolution and the monastery and Church were destroyed, but preserved in human memory.

In 1858 the parish of Notre-Dame-des-Champs was restored. At first, the Holy Mass was served in a wooden chapel. But in 1867, was laid the first stone of the reviving of the Church. The construction was entrusted to the architect Paul-rené-Leon guinet, who chose for the building of the Romanesque style. The Church was consecrated and opened its doors to parishioners in 1876.

Like many churches, which were built in Paris during the Second Empire, the building relies on a steel frame designed by Gustave Eiffel. This gave the opportunity to apply high arch and create a huge space with two rows of light arches supported by cruciform columns. In this space the eye easily finds the twenty-two paintings of the artist Jacques Aubert depicting scenes from the life of the virgin. The painter spent on the job eighteen years of life. Pictures are absolutely accurate ethnographically, People specially several times traveled to Palestine to observe the daily life of women in the Holy Land.

Very interesting in here is standing the way of the Cross of the Savior: the artist Frederick de Kursi fulfilled in the technique of grisaille enamel on copper. The work was exhibited in the Salon of 1879.

Chapel of the virgin decorated with a splendid statue of the virgin Mary with a Baby in her arms, sculpted by Alfred Adolf Lepere. Little Jesus holds in his hands the crown of thorns that He should wear. His face thoughtfully. The virgin looks at the sky, Her eyes full of tears.