/ / Church. Anna: photos, description Eglise Sainte-Anne d'arles)

Church. Anna: photos, description Eglise Sainte-Anne d'arles)

Arles Church of St. Anne in the XIX century served as a Museum, and today it is, rather, an exhibition hall, which hosts the exhibition of contemporary art. The works presented here are frankly shocking, as, for example, held in 2010, the exhibition of works of artists Leon Ferrari, known for its critical attitude to the Catholic Church. Summer and fall 2014 in the temple held an exhibition of famous fashion photographer David Bailey, dedicated to the world of fashion and film. Part of the presented work was performed in the Nude.

Such exhibitions are held in the heart of Arles, as the Church of St. Anne is located opposite the Cathedral Saint-trophime and near city hall.

The Church was built in the second half of the XII century and by the seventeenth century, already in decline. At the beginning of the XVII century it was restored. It is known that in the Church the relics of St. Anne.

During the great French revolution the Church was closed, and its walls were shot down by two coat of arms - France and Arles. In the first half of the XIX century in its building housed a Museum of archaeology, and the Church was deprived of its statue of the virgin which stood in a niche above the entrance. It was replaced by the figure of the patroness of the Sciences Minerva.

The Museum is now called Museum of the history of Arles, began with the archaeological collections in the first half of the XVII century. The number of exhibits has steadily increased, but with the premises of the Museum were taken, and the collections had to constantly move the exhibits housed in the House of the communes, then in the town hall. After the next replenishment of the collection of the Museum was given the building of the Church of St. Anne. The Museum was located in the Church building until 1995, while in Arles have not built a new, modern building.