/ / Church. Bruno: photo, description Eglise Saint Bruno)

Church. Bruno: photo, description Eglise Saint Bruno)

In Bordeaux, the Church of St. Bruno is located in the Quartier des Chartrons, located North of place des Quinconces. This area in XVII-XVIII centuries was known as a trade, it settled merchants, who came from other countries of Europe - Holland, Germany and England. The merchants did much for the improvement of these lands - in particular, drained the marshy soil, and built their mansions.

The construction of the Church began in 1611 - on a solemn bookmark of the first stone was attended by the Prince of condé, Henry II de Bourbon and the cardinal de Sordi. His consecration took place after only nine years. The Church was built as part of a monastery founded by the Carthusian order. Its representatives were inclined to science and intellectual activity, in particular, was engaged in copying of books, and in their monasteries have always been the vast library. A Carthusian monasteries were destroyed, first during the religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, and then those that remained were damaged and destroyed during the great French revolution. And from the Carthusian monastery in Bordeaux to the present day preserved only the Church of Saint-Bruno.

The temple was built in the Baroque style, its facade was decorated with a statue of the virgin, and the interior in the second half of the XVIII century frescoes painted by the Italian master Antonio Barinaga. The Church altar is decorated with a painting of the "assumption" of artist Philip de Champana, as well as two sculptural works by father and son Pietro and Giovanni Bernini's "virgin Mary" and "angel."

St. Bruno, whose name the Church was consecrated, lived in the XI century and was the founder of the order of Carthusians.

Near the Church of Saint-Bruno is a monument dedicated to those who died in the First world war.