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Church. Eugenia: photo, description Eglise Sainte-Eugenie)

In Biarritz many attractions are connected with the Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie, nee de Montijo. In particular, by order of the Empress in this town was built the Palace, now a hotel "Hotel du Palais", the Imperial chapel, the Sainte-Eugenie Church and Biarritz became a fashionable resort, largely due to the Empress's attention.

The construction of the Church of St. Eugenia was conducted in the second half of the XIX century in neo-Gothic style with many decorative elements. The Church was consecrated by the name of St. Eugene, who was the heavenly patron of the Empress. The Church building is considered one of the most beautiful and exquisite in Biarritz, and residents and guests of the city speak of the external appearance and the interior of the Church.

The Church was built on the site where once stood the chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Drinking, which was demolished. The walls of the building lined with grey stone. Later, in the early twentieth century, to the Church a bell tower was added. To enter the Church, up the stairs. Near the entrance is a statue of the standard bearer, and over the entrance is a relief of the virgin Mary with the infant Jesus on her lap. Another bas-relief depicts a scene from the life of the whalers - this pastime was one of the main the inhabitants of Biarritz.

The interior of the Church is characterized by many circular Windows, through which the building gets the sun color. Also inside the Church you can see the stained glass paintings of Luc-Olivier Merson - known French artist of the second half of XIX - early XX century. His stained glass and mosaic, for example, can be seen in the Basilica of the sacré Coeur in Paris. An interesting feature of the Church decoration - model three-masted ship, placed above the altar. The ship was made and vow was donated to the Church.