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Church. Eulalia: photos, description Eglise Sainte-Eulalie)

Church of Saint Eulalia is in the South-West from the historical centre of a large French city of Bordeaux, in the Aquitaine region. Opposite it is the large hospital of St. Andrew.

The first building on this site appeared in the VII century it was a small chapel, from which subsequently grew into a large monastery. However, from the other monastic buildings nothing remains. The present Church was built long ago, in the XIV-XV centuries. It is known that its Western wing was finished in 1398 - this reads a sign that has been preserved from those times. In the appearance of the building is dominated by Gothic style, but there are visible traces of more ancient, Roman fortifications.

In the XV century, the Cathedral was added two small chapels, including the chapel of St. Clare, where the relics of this early Christian Saint and one of the first aquitanica bishops. Also there is stored the staff of St. Roch (XIV century), which, according to legend, the miraculous and can heal any sick or afflicted. It was used for leprosy in the city. In addition, in the Church of Saint Eulalia relics of six local saints and blessed, but after the Revolution they were scattered in the neighboring churches.

At the end of XVIII century in the Church tower was struck by lightning and completely brought down this building. Fix it for a long time failed, as the Great French revolution, and the Church has lost its sacred value. For a long time it was kept a variety of paintings, Church utensils and other items of religious art taken from other churches and cathedrals of Bordeaux. Then it was destroyed the old Church cemetery.

Full restoration work was carried out only in the early XX century - the Church was greatly increased in size, while the Western facade of the temple had to be rebuilt. However, despite the magnitude of the adjustment, it managed to preserve almost intact. Now it is a masterpiece of Gothic art.

Church of Saint Eulalia, a monument of art and culture of France and protected by the state.