/ / Church. John the Baptist: photo description (L'eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste)

Church. John the Baptist: photo description (L'eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste)

The Church of St. John the Baptist is located in the Terra Vecchia (Old land") is the old part of Bastia, which once had the status of capital of Corsica. In this part of the city in the XVII century were built three churches in the Baroque style with the use of the Genoese tradition, and the Church of St. John the Baptist was one of them, it is easily recognized by two symmetrical towers. They appeared in the ensemble of the Church only in the nineteenth century, and it is relatively small for an architectural monument of the time the tower was recognized as a symbol of Bastia.

The Church building is also one of the largest churches on the island. Next to the Church is a building of the city hall, and in front of her every morning begins the work of the city market.

The facade of the Church can fool the guest of Bastia with its modest appearance, because inside of it are kept is a real treasure. The painted vaults of the Church walls and its six chapels were made in XVII-XIX centuries artists from Genoa and Florence. The paintings that adorn the interior of the Church, was donated by cardinal Fesem known connoisseur of painting, collected during the Napoleonic campaigns is very rich and varied collection of paintings. To evaluate the artistic taste of the cardinal to fully take in the other Corsican town of Ajaccio, where the art Museum houses a large part of his three-thousandth meeting.

The special features of the interior of the Church also include the altar, made of marble of different colors, a statue of John the Baptist, a monstrance of silver and stucco walls and ceiling.

The Church was built in 1666 and is still an active Church.