/ / Church. Cross: photos, description Abbatiale Sainte-Croix de Bordeaux)

Church. Cross: photos, description Abbatiale Sainte-Croix de Bordeaux)

Church of the Holy cross (also called the Church of the Holy cross) in Bordeaux, was built around the XI century. The temple was built at the monastery of the Benedictine order, the age of which is uncertain. The first mention of this monastery dates back to the VII century and evidence of the death of St. Mamalena.

It is also known that in the Middle ages the Benedictine Abbey in Bordeaux was twice completely destroyed in the VIII century by the Saracens in the IX century by the Normans. From the X century to mid XVII the monastery functioned in this period and had the construction of the Church of the Holy cross. The beginning of this prosperous time can be considered a Good William about the restoration of the monastery in the X century. In the XVII century the most dilapidated buildings of the monastery were replaced by new ones.

During the great French revolution, the monastic buildings were nationalized. Unlike other religious buildings in which the revolutionaries warehouses, barracks and stables, a monastery in Bordeaux for a bit more luck - in its walls housed the hospital, but one hundred years later in the former monastic buildings opened the school of fine arts.

Church of the Holy cross was built in the Romanesque style. Its building was reconstructed in the XIX century by the famous restorer of churches and cathedrals Abadi Field. Mater has brought to the appearance of the Church is the symmetry by adding a second tower.

The temple can be seen in the square Pierre Remodele. Due to the acoustic characteristics of the building and advanced on the Church becomes the venue of concerts of classical and organ music. Church organ, though, and is a modern tool, disguised as the old days - in fact, it is inserted into the body of the organ, which was installed in the temple in the middle of the XVIII century.