/ / Church. Mary Magdalene: photos, description (Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Praz-sur-Arly)

Church. Mary Magdalene: photos, description (Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Praz-sur-Arly)

The Church of St Mary Magdalene stands in the centre of the small mountain village of Praz-sur-Arly, located in the South-East of France, the rhône - Alpes region. For a long time, this settlement did not have the status of an independent city, as was in subjection to the larger town of Megève nearby and is also now a ski resort. Therefore, the first sacral building, built in Praz-sur-Arly in the seventeenth century, was part of the parish in Megeve.

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene was built in 1696 - she grew out of the smaller chapels, dedicated to saints Bernard and Mary Magdalene. Interestingly, the first mention of this chapel dates back to 1606. Construction was carried out largely thanks to donations from local wealthy family Clement-Bert.

Praz-sur-Arly got its own parish after the French revolution. Then was built a new chapel, finished on 4 August 1803. However, this construction to the present day have not survived, as she was too humble and could not accommodate the ever-increasing flow of people. The modern Church building was built in 1881. It combines elements of neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque styles. Its appearance is quite unusual - it is as if two parts share the main portal, and both of the wing parts is different, which immediately catches the eye. They differ in the size of the Windows, the roof and ceiling height. In imitation of the ancient medieval churches to her appearance added a powerful buttresses are used, of course, in a decorative rather than defensive purposes. Architectural ensemble with a bell tower, surmounted by a graceful spire. The building itself was constructed in the form of a Latin cross.