/ / Church. Martin: photos, description Collegiale Saint-Martin de Colmar)

Church. Martin: photos, description Collegiale Saint-Martin de Colmar)

St. Martin's Church in Colmar is a former Cathedral, and also one of the most magnificent churches in Alsace. The chair of the Bishop was located here only during the revolution, but even the area around the Church is the old Cathedral. The Church bells was recently voted the most beautiful and melodic, not only in the region but in the whole of France.

In Colmar, the Church is also honored and attention - it is considered an important tourist attraction and one of the city symbols. The history of the Church known since the XI century with the construction of the Benedictine monks of a small chapel. In the next century Pope Gregory IX gave permission for the construction of this place of the collegiate Church, and Henry Thun, former Bishop of Basel, began construction, which lasted until the second half of the XIV century. The main material was local stone - yellow Sandstone, quarried in the vicinity of Colmar.

The first architect was Humbert, and part of the building, built in the XIV century, designed by William of Marburg. Despite their efforts, the Church remained unfinished - she never showed up the North tower. Changes in the appearance of the Church occurred in the second half of the XVI century after a fire damaged the roof and upper part of the building.

Inside the Church was established two bodies, one of them is a creation of the craftsman Johann Andreas Silbermann (XVIII century). Today, these tools - modern "filling". In the XIV century the walls of the Church was decorated with numerous sculptures, among which you can see gargoyles, Bishop Martin of tours, in whose honor the Church was consecrated, angels, the mother of God. The portals of the Church is decorated with sculptures of the last judgment, adoration of the Magi, of the acts of St. Nicholas and other stories.

The temple also preserved medieval stained glass Windows depicting scenes of the life of Jesus Christ. On one of the towers of the Church are ancient astronomical clock - work local watchmaker Urbana Adam, created in 1866.