/ / Church. Martin: photo description (L'eglise Saint-Martin de Carcans)

Church. Martin: photo description (L'eglise Saint-Martin de Carcans)

The Church of St. Martin stands in the center of the small town of Carcans, which is located in the South of France, the Aquitaine region. The first building on this place has appeared in 1099. Then was founded the parish of St. Martin in this small settlement. Soon, however, the Carcano has become a popular stopping place for pilgrims on their way to the tomb of St. James, located in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. Prestige Carcano greatly increased. In the sixteenth century this Church had its own relic - a copy of the sculpture of the head of St. John the Baptist. The original version of this unusual monument of religious art was made in VI century on the territory of Byzantium. The sculpture is made of stone, and the Holy beard made of horsehair.

Another important detail of the Cathedral is the statue of painted wood, depicting St. James in pilgrim garb. It is believed that this work of art was donated to the Church of St. Martin, one of the pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela. The monument dates back to the XVII century.

Also worth noting is another sculpture of St. John the Baptist, standing at the altar dedicated to this Saint. It's later and was completed in the XVIII century.

Surprisingly, these precious monuments of art was saved. The fact that the old temple was demolished and a modern building of the Cathedral was built relatively recently - in 1870. The appearance of the Church is typical of Gothic style. Thus, the original interior of the Cathedral almost did not survive - the main altar, made of colored marble, was also made at the end of the XIX century. And the organ in the choir loft, made in the German style, was finished in 1971, when the planned restoration of the Church.