/ / Church. Martin: photos, description Collegiale Saint-Martin de Saint-Remy-de-Provence)

Church. Martin: photos, description Collegiale Saint-Martin de Saint-Remy-de-Provence)

Collegiate Church of St. Martin is located in the heart of a small town in the South of France Saint-Remy-de-Provence. A couple of minutes walk from the Church is the city hall and city Museum.

The first building on this site appeared in the XIV century, if not earlier, but this building was almost completely destroyed. The present Church was built in 1821, it is performed in a neoclassical style. Especially notable is its main portal, which is a graceful triangular pediment, surmounted by a cross, and supported by four powerful columns. This kind of portico typical of the style of the classical period and, respectively, of Neoclassicism.

However, traces of the old Church are still seen in the external and internal appearance of the building. First, by some miracle, managed to keep the Gothic bell tower of the XIV century. It is a very fragile building component of only 45 meters in thickness.

The Church of St. Martin is rich and bright interior - the walls of the temples decorated with paintings, pictures and sculptures. It is also worth noting the main altar, which survived in its collapse. It dates from the XIV century - in the same way as a small elegant baptistry. And in choirs placed two leaves of the other altar image, which was made in 1503. One of them depicts the virgin Mary with the Infant, and the second is of an unknown Bishop. Among the lateral chapels stands out the chapel of Jean de Renaud - it is also preserved since the construction of the original Church is from the XIV century.

Even the Church of St. Martin is famous for their amazing bodies. Since 1983, from July to September the annual festival of organ music.

Since 1984 the Church of St. Martin in Saint-Remy-de-Provence is a monument of art and culture of France and is under state protection.