/ / Church. Matthew: photo, description Eglise Saint-Matthieu de Colmar)

Church. Matthew: photo, description Eglise Saint-Matthieu de Colmar)

In the XVI-XVIII centuries the Church of St. Matthew in Colmar several times passed from Catholics to Protestants, while in 1795, finally became a Protestant. Currently, this Church, thanks to the excellent acoustics, every year becomes the venue of the International music festival, artistic Director of which is a well-known Russian conductor Vladimir Spivakov.

In Colmar, the Church building is located on the street of Grand Rue. It was built in the XIII century in Gothic style and now maintains its austere appearance with clear and simple lines, which were typical for religious buildings of the mendicant orders. The Church was originally a Franciscan and belonged to the monastery. But after the epidemic of plague that occurred in the XVI century, when the head of the monastery died, almost all of its inhabitants, the Church passed into the control of city authorities. Then she was turned into a hospital, in addition, in the XVI century it began to hold Lutheran services. The hospital was located in the walls of the Church until the beginning of the last century. In the first half of the XVIII century the Church passed to the Jesuits, and at the end of the same century - again Protestants.

Interesting, but in 1715 in Colmar appeared a decree according to which the Church of St. Matthew became the Church of two faiths - Catholic and Protestant. It was built inside the wall that had divided the Church into two parts, and for representatives of each denomination was made a separate entrance. In addition, the Church the second bell tower.

At the end of XX century the Church was carried out restoration work, during which was demolished internal partition. In the interior of the Church you can see the old stained glass Windows, including those created in the XIII-XV centuries, on the eighteenth century work of Silbermann, paintings of the XVII-XVIII centuries.