/ / Church. Nicholas: photos, description Eglise Saint-Nicolas de Beaune)

Church. Nicholas: photos, description Eglise Saint-Nicolas de Beaune)

The Church of St. Nicholas is located at some distance from the historical centre of the Old town of Beaune, the Burgundy region. This is one of the few city churches were built outside the walls on the way in the nearby town of Dijon.

The Church was built in the XIII century and has remained since that time, virtually intact, despite numerous restoration work and rebuilding. It is performed in a Romanesque style.

Especially notable is the main portal. It is crowned by a unique sloping ceilings, decorated with figures of chimeras. The Church bell tower also completed an elegant spire, added in the fifteenth century. And in front of the entrance in the XIX century was installed a monument with a cross.

Unlike other city churches, the Church of St. Nicholas has escaped the terrible destruction during the French revolution. In the nineteenth century underwent massive restoration of the Cathedral. In the first place in 1813, was a new marble altar in the choir, and in 1840 was completed stained glass Windows. In 1850 the building and the churchyard was surrounded by a new, more durable stone wall.

In the beginning of XX century, the temple fell into disrepair, and only thanks to the donations of the parishioners he was able to save from total destruction. In 1985, in the Church bell tower was struck by lightning, but three years later it was completely restored.

The main body of the Church was made relatively recently, in 1996, but in the North transept is preserved the old organ, whose age exceeds one hundred years - it was finished in 1899. Moreover, earlier it consisted of sophisticated stone chair with a wooden staircase, but this work of art was, unfortunately, destroyed in 1948.

Since 1992, the Church of St. Nicholas in the city of Beaune is a monument of history and culture of France and is under state protection.