/ / Church. Nicholas: photos, description Eglise Saint-Nicolas de Blois)

Church. Nicholas: photos, description Eglise Saint-Nicolas de Blois)

A distinctive feature of the Church of Saint Nicholas at Blois is its unusual - shaped umbrella - dome. Today it is recognized as original element of the appearance of the temple, and before that, until the XVIII century was considered a role model and evoked universal enthusiasm.

The Church is located at this place, bore the name of St. Lomer - local French Saint who lived in the sixth century. He was revered by the Benedictine monks who in the ninth century fled to Blois from the invasion of the Normans. They founded a monastery and erected on its site a Church, which later became the name of St. Nicholas.

The construction of the new Church were built in XII-XIII centuries, but in the period of the religious wars, the monastery was completely destroyed, and the building of the Church - part. After a couple of centuries the monastery was restored. During the great French revolution, its buildings were placed to city hospital.

Despite the reconstruction and restoration of many elements of decoration of the Church were not preserved. So, from adorning the walls of the Church gargoyles were preserved only one, and the statues "guarding" the Northern and Central inputs are not preserved at all. The only gargoyle located on the main facade above the window-rose, which was restored in the XVII century. In the nineteenth century, two towers were built, pointed spires. The stained glass Windows of the Church are modern works - they appeared to replace the lost only in the second half of the twentieth century. Among the subjects of the stained glass paintings have traditional biblical and abstract, which are the subject of controversy and currently. Under the dome are four niches in which are statues of saints and bishops.

In Blois Church located in the old part of the city and is surrounded by other medieval buildings.