/ / Church. Peter: photos, description Eglise Saint-Pierre de Vienne)

Church. Peter: photos, description Eglise Saint-Pierre de Vienne)

St. Peter's Church in the city of Vienne is the oldest of the extant churches located in the rhône - Alpes region. It was built in the late V century.

At the beginning of its history, the Church served as a burial chapel. Next to it was the cemetery, not extant, so this place was allotted for construction of residential quarter. The original Church was dedicated to saints Peter and Paul. Inside the Cathedral are buried almost all the bishops of the city of Vienne, ranging from 475 years. Many of them were subsequently canonized. In the sixth century the Church became part of the large monastery that existed for over a thousand years, and exercised great influence during the middle Ages. In addition to sacred relics, the Church holds other ancient relics, and shrines, for example, dishes from the last Supper. The monastery was dissolved on the eve of the French revolution in the years 1780-1790. Like many other religious buildings, St. Peter's Church lost its religious significance and has not been returned to the bosom of the Catholic Church. In 1862 was opened the archaeological Museum acting now.

The most ancient part of the Church is its nave with apse, largely surviving from the fifth century. Prior to the beginning of the second Millennium were cut small Windows in the upper tier of the nave.

In XI-XII centuries the interior of the Church was divided by arcades into three parts. Then the building was supplemented by the chapel of the blessed Virgin Mary, crowned with a mighty dome, a belfry in the Western part and is decorated with sculpted South portal. Preserved parts of frescoes on the walls of the temple, they date back to the XII century. Unfortunately, many ornaments of a later period from the XV to the XVIII century - was destroyed. The main altar was made of stone in the X-XI centuries, but he is now transferred to the city Museum.

In 1862 St. Peter's Church in the city of Vienne, now functioning as the archaeological Museum, received the status of a monument of history and culture of France.