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Church. Peter: photos, description Eglise Saint-Pierre)

St. Peter's Church located in the historic centre of the larger of Aquitaine Bordeaux. It is located between the Customs quay (Quai de la Douane) and promenade Richelieu (Quai Richelieu), facing a local waterway - the river Garonne.

The first early Christian sanctuary, dedicated to Saint Peter, appeared here in the VI century. A full-fledged parish was founded in the XII century and is one of the oldest parishes in the city of Bordeaux. Then was built the old medieval chapel, but it is now nothing left except a few tombstones in the churchyard, which is now kept in the Museum of Aquitaine. It is interesting that the burial belonged to the British, as in the historical period, this area was considered part of England.

The present Church was built in XIV-XV centuries, but in 1882, underwent a major restructuring from the old building remained only elegant West facade, characterized by a symmetrical Gothic Windows.

As for the interior decoration of the Church, the ancient objects have survived quite a bit: Baroque altarpiece of the XVII century and a wooden sculptural group of the same era, depicting the Lamentation of Christ, better known as the Pieta. She, too, is a part of the altar, but another, located in the gallery. It is also worth noting the painting "Saint Peter receives the keys of heaven", made in 1664 and is now stored in a small chapel left of the entrance to the bell tower. Remaining interior details were made already in the late nineteenth century or even later. Separately allocated huge stained glass Windows completed at about the same time - they are located in choirs, and on the life of St. Peter, the patron Saint of the Church.

In 1908 St. Peter's Church in Bordeaux, was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.